Playful Pianist - Intermediate
Stringing with Angela
Chatham (location info)
Tuesday, 3:15 PM - 4:00 PM
01/16/18 - 03/06/18 (7 weeks)

Group piano lessons are designed to build and enhance students’ comprehensive skills, coordination, and expression. Studies have shown that exposing young children to classical music can increase their overall mental health and help them in different areas of their education. We make this experience fun by creating a social, comfortable, non-judgmental atmosphere that encourages progress. Each child will use an instrument provided by us. Children will begin to learn how to: read music, compose (write music), sing the Solfege scale (do, re, mi, …) and learn their corresponding hand signals, play a scale, and memorize two pieces of music for the final performance. Students develop posture, poise, auditory memory, fine and gross motor skills, and music appreciation. A performance will be given at the end of the session.

Appropriate for Ages: Kindergarten
Tuition: $205.00

Upcoming Meetings
01/23/18    3:15 PM Tuesday 01/23/18 3:15 PM
01/30/18    3:15 PM Tuesday 01/30/18 3:15 PM
02/06/18    3:15 PM Tuesday 02/06/18 3:15 PM
02/13/18    3:15 PM Tuesday 02/13/18 3:15 PM
02/20/18    <None> Tuesday (Winter Recess) 02/20/18 (Winter Recess)
02/27/18    3:15 PM Tuesday 02/27/18 3:15 PM
03/06/18    3:15 PM Tuesday 03/06/18 3:15 PM