photo Fit4Kids

Fit4Kids, which provides unique and varied fitness programming for children, was developed by Michael Alfieri, a United States Air Force veteran with numerous fitness publications. The newest program from this dynamic company is YOBOO 4 Kids, which combines yoga and boot camp movements with music and stories. The YOBOO approach aims to keep children engaged and excited about exercise and fitness. Fit4Kids instructors are passionate about all of their programs which help keep today’s youth exercising both their minds and bodies.

photo Nordic Health and Wellness

Karin Von Zelowitz, a licensed dietitian from Sweden and former chef for the Swedish Ambassador in Switzerland, holds a master’s degree in Food Science and Nutrition. Karin has a passion for helping others reach their health objectives by counseling them about nutrition, food, and cooking. Growing up on a farm in Sweden, food has always played a central role in Karin’s life. Her mother taught her first-hand about farm-to-table cooking, and Karin continues to cook for her family in the same manner.  Karen believes that cooking at home with fresh ingredients is the way to live a healthy sustainable life.

photo The Little Actors Studio

The Little Actors Studio was created by Patricia Price in 2014 to enhance children’s artistic and creative development. Patricia has a BFA in Theatre from the Ohio State University and trained in New York at the Circle in the Square Acting Conservatory program. Patricia also was involved with many small theater companies in the city and has sung in a number of cabaret venues, as well. Patricia Price has vast experience as a Theater Arts Specialist and Music Specialist for children ranging in age from Early Childhood, Preschool, and through Kindergarten.

photo Mad Science of Northeast NJ

The unique, hands-on science programs presented by Mad Science of Northeast NJ demonstrates that science can be both entertaining and informative. Mad Science encourages scientific literacy in children at a time when exposure to science is as vital as reading, writing, and arithmetic. For 30 years, they have invested in research and development and continue to do so. Mad Science believes in the importance of being at the forefront of their industry and continues to create hands-on programming and innovative science experiments for kids. The Mad Science of Northeast NJ invites children discover the excitement of science and aims to inspire today’s kids to pursue STEM careers and become the scientific innovators of tomorrow.